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Since my brother, whose account I have shared for nine years, no longer lives in the same house as I, it has become exceedingly difficult to continue playing with the use of an authenticator.

And we've seen what happens when we don't use the authenticator...

Initially I was planning to transfer Zella and a couple others onto my own, newly purchased account (thank you Holiday discounts). However, as the transfer only works across accounts under the same name (and thus using the same authenticator) that plan wouldn't solve the problem.
Please don't correct me if I'm wrong on this since I already paid for my account.

Plus I'd lose all my mounts. >_>

So, as I feared might be necessary, I've created a brand new Chesuuli on my own account, on Moon Guard. The original Zella will remain on my brother's account and in the Scarlet Crusade realm, but I won't be able to play her often (which isn't much of a change, given how inactive I've been this last year).

So that's that. Wish me luck in Zella's new journey.
(and come keep her company so she doesn't get bored out of her horned mind.)
* * *
Lendys finally crawled out of the woodwork. I found him in the Dalaran underground, in discussion with a few prime members of the guild. Garven and Dino were dead, he told me. Light's Edge needed to close the wounds and make itself whole again without them. With Hallyiel drawing from a collection of notes left by Garven, we discussed how to improve guild activity and membership, as well as how to make up for the loss of an arbiter.

Not all was bad news between us, of course. We had started discussing the prospect of marriage months ago, well before my unintented absence. Of course the topic came up again, though we had very nearly missed the time during which we'd wanted it to take place. It was at the end of the Lunar Festival that we met, Len and I, and would have been an appropriate holiday even were that not the case.
We asked Hallyiel to officiate the ceremony, and Zineera to cater the reception. It would be a rather unorthodox ceremony, to say the least, as it essentially involved joining a third person into a pre-existing marriage.
The wedding, you see, would not simply be between Lendys and I, for Lendys was already married to Tariluna and it would not feel right. Instead, both Lendys and Tari would play equal parts, representing a unit that I was being initiated into.
Or, as we described it in the vows, the circle between them was being widened to include another.
I am speaking very technically about a joyful ocassion. Perhaps this is not the expected manner of a new bride. It is funny, though. Shyerra, Zineera, and Hally all responded with bouncing and excited squeals. Even Lendys was downright giddy. Myself? I am calm, and I am happy.

The wedding took place at the Pools Arithlien in Teldrassil. It was my choice of location. I have pictured such a ceremony there since the day I first saw them. Of course, it is also fact that Lendys and Tariluna held their own wedding there, so it was doubly appropriate.
It was a casual enough affair, as such things go. Guests gathered beforehand and chatted away with Hally and the three of us. We disregarded tradition, as is our own tradition, or so said Lendys. We cared not for seeing each other before the ceremony, and we brought no rings or handfasting ties. Each of us wrote our own set of vows, though I may have overdid it on such short notice. Mine came out rhyming.
As a last minute surprise, orchestrated by Zineera, Nadrana walked me down the aisle. When I say this was last minute, I mean it quite literally. We delayed the ceremony for her arrival.
The ceremony was well-received by those who came, and a few of them were near-strangers to me - guildmates I had never associated with before. Afterward, we adjurned to the great gate of Darnassus and held our reception atop it. It was a pleasant, somewhat quiet party, consisting mostly of friendly banter and too much cake. There was not as much dancing as I expected, but we do plenty of that as it is.

My only regret is that Xaeris did not attend. Nor, for that matter, have I heard from her since. Likely, she has entrenched herself thoroughly in the Krasarang Wilds with that new Kun-Lai tiger of hers and decided to see for how long she can avoid all of civilization this time.

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* * *
Though I arrived behind the initial expedition into Pandaria, and the Alliance had already begun establishing a command base on the shore of the Krasarang Wilds, there was still much to do in the Jade Forest. It was good to see Prince Anduin again. I grew rather fond of him after our associations in Stormwind.
Pandaria is a fantastically vibrant place. The plant life is so green it nearly glows, and the exotic pagodas stand out like flowers in the woods. But the beauty and life of it all is threatened by a strange and intimidating enemy. There are creatures known as the Sha - strange black entities which the locals describe as incarnations of negative emotion. Most of these are small creatures, reminiscent of elementals, but a few are vast. Before my arrival, one such Sha had emerged from the shattered remains of a great jade statue. The monument had been meant to house the soul of the land's dragon guardian, Yu'lon, so that she might be reborn. Now I suppose she will have to wait until a new one is constructed.

Shyerra has been in touch, and Seanachie and Hallyiel have been informed of my misfortune, but I've not heard from Lendys yet. Perhaps it's not fair of me to worry. I am usually the one to make him wait and wonder.

My journey continued into the Valley of the Four Winds. It is a beautiful, high plain primarily devoted to Pandaren farming. It was here where I met Quan Lin, grazing on the cliffs that reach out over the Krasarang Wilds below. The kirin, also called the windsteed, is a beast that appears to be half horse and half dragon. It is no wonder, then, that she and I bonded at first sight. Her former rider must have been slain or lost. If I should meet him or her, I will have to return the beast. Until then, she makes quite a fantastic steed. I know her name only because it was inscribed on her saddle, and a local farmer was kind enough to read it to me. She is bold, clearly trained for warfare, and unlike many of my steeds, she seems perfectly able to forage and care for herself. This means she will not amount to much more competition for the others, which is just as well, given that I keep more animals than I know what to do with. Although she lacks wings, Quan Lin is fully capable of flight. The kirin create a tiny cloud with the churning of their hooves. I do not know whether the cloud allows them to fly, or if it simply a side effect. It is quite an odd and pretty sight, either way.

Assisting the farmers was a pleasant break from combat. I like growing things, though I fear it may not be one of my greatest talents. Even so, it is very relaxing and I have agreed to assist one young farmer on a long-term basis. We are both amatuers, but perhaps we can balance out each others' weaknesses.
He understands, of course, that I have responsibilities more pressing than an unwatered carrot crop. Though I will make visits to his farm whenever I am able, my travels now take me to the wintery northern steppes and the Kun-Lai mountains above them. There was a time when the ceaseless cold would have made me think twice, but in my long months in Northrend I've built up a tolerance. The high snowy passes are enchanting, in their own stark way. Quan Lin, with her thick fur, feels right at home here.
On the plains, the Horde and Alliance compete fiercely for territory and allies. I hate to see this kind of emnity when more would be accomplished by working together. I assist the Alliance only because it would not do to see them fall.
Kun-Lai was home to the White Tiger spirit. Anduin had already passed through here, and I was told how he had convinced the spirit to let him pass below into a guarded valley. He had expressed his belief that, despite all of our violence and hatred, the Alliance and the Horde are essentially good. He had sworn to the spirit that peace would come. I felt a swelling of pride for the boy upon hearing this.

Could this be the beginnings of that beautiful future I saw?
* * *
The whiteness breaks and I find three months have passed and that I've been robbed blind. Xaeris too. It was a sorcerer's trap, at least to begin with, meant to hold our minds in a dream of white long enough for our bodies to be stripped of whatever valuables the thief fancied. I fear I may have made the situation worse in my attempts to free myself. Upon waking, I sought out one of the mages who specializes in the location and restoration of lost possessions. He told me, however, that there was nothing he could do. His magic was greatly limited by time, and too much of that had passed.
I fear it is my fault, because in trying to escape the spell, I invoked a mysterious gift from the Bronze Flight. They had implied that the amulet was meant to be used when in desperate need of freedom, but they had not been terribly specific, and I admit I did not question where perhaps I should have.
The amulet reacted badly with the thief's spell, and that, I believe, is what extended the trap's duration from hours to months. I suppose I should be thankful that it held the both of us in temporal suspension, or else we surely would have starved. I cannot help bitterly lamenting our my misfortune, however.
I lost my sword - one of the prized Masterwork Elementium Deathblades - and most of my armor. Our burglar must also have found the key to my bank vaults. Most of the fancy dresses I kept in storage are gone, along with several little treasures I'd locked away.
Xaeris is worse off. She awoke stripped bare with her bags and toolbox wholly emptied. They'd taken all of the engineering supplies and creations she'd always carried with her, and the collection of precious gems she'd hoarded like a jealous dragon. I dare not think on what else our robber might have done.

We can do without our fine clothes and trinkets. All of these are passing things and will ultimately be replaced. This is no doubt one of those great lessons in the matter of worldly possessions and how little they truly matter.

But damn if I didn't have the most fantastic fishing pole....
* * *

I think I've done it this time
I know I've made progress
The white looks different
Has someone else arrived?
It doesn't matter
I got in
If there is a way in
There must be a way out

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* * *
* * *
I was not of a mind for writing before I left. Too much happened. I've not been under such emotional strange since the loss of Jakreth. We had all known that the guild had dangerous enemies. A mysterious bloodelf had already made multiple attacks, injuring and even slaying members of the Light's Edge. Some were more worried than others. Glare insisted that we all hold up in Stormwind, presuming it would be safest, but not everyone agreed. Lendys in particular held issue, arguing that his family lived in Darnassus and that he was well-liked by the Kaldorei military, the opposite being true for that of Stormwind. Concessions were made, though Glare still fretted, and entreated me to "talk sense" into Len.
The truth is, however, that I was less afraid for myself and Len than for the more prominent members of the guild. What importance are we, I thought, who often flit along the edges? Why would we be targeted out of all Light's Edge?

An exception was made to the capital city quarantine for the sake of a celebration in Kharanos - Glare's own bachelor party, ironically. I was on my way home, riding Snowfall back to Stormwind from where I planned to take a boat. The druid came out of the sky like an arrow, throwing my hippogryph off his flight and into the side of the mountain range. Another tauren was waiting for me on the ground. We fought, Snowfall and I, but I'd not carried my weapon and armor to the party, and the fall had stunned Snow.
I won't describe what is better off forgotten. I woke up under the care of concerned strangers, the dwarves of the valley southwest of Ironforge. My unborn child had not survived.

You don't expect this kind of loss. A child is supposed to be at its safest before it is born. Unless as a mother you are ill or unhealthy, you can only put your worries to the future, when your child leaves its safety. For all my poetry, I cannot describe the shock.

Needless to say I was cared for and comforted, but such things can become tiring, and only serve to remind one of the cause. When I was well enough, I left.

I did not say goodbye to Lendys, and I know it will bother him, but I told him long ago that he need only worry about my trips away if I do announce them. This time, I wanted all the peace I could find.
And I wanted to go home.
I could not tell what the dragons thought of my request, but they did indulge me. For the first time since my return with Xaeris, I saw Mulgore as it will be, in the distant future when there is no division between Horde and Alliance. I took Ruth and Altair, for Snowfall was still recovering. I'd entrusted Xaeris to look after him. It was Altair I spent most of my time with. Ruth told me vaguely that she had business with her own kind, and I saw her only rarely during the months we spent there. I traveled, mostly, not in the mood to stay more than a few days in each village. I cannot say if Altair recognized his birthplace, but he seemed to enjoy the wide open plains as much as ever. I found myself quite missing his grandsire, Tiraaj, my first Talbuk.
There was no fighting. Unlike before, I was there on vacation, not business. I rarely even killed for food, being close enough to civilization to buy supplies when needed. I wondered what Lendys would do if he could live there. So much of his time goes into fighting and training. It seems such a part of him that I wonder sometimes if he could live without it. It would take a great deal, I think, to lay that lion to rest. Or, perhaps, just a very long time. I can only wait and see, for the dragons have refused quite concisely to allow him to visit this particular time period with me. True to their mysterious nature, they gave no indication of why.

I am home now, and much recovered, and once again less time has passed in my own era that was spent in the future. I've come back in the midst of the Lunar Festival, and I wonder if the dragons did that on purpose. It is a dear time for me, and it had been nearly three years by Len's time that we've known each other.
Selfishly, I hope that our apparent guild feud has been settled in my absence. Glare has vanished, and I haven't asked for details. Hazelle, apparently, has turned traitor. Seanachie and Dinozaa had some sort of 'falling out', and again that is all I know. Rationally I believe the guild has too strong a base to suffer over such comparatively minor changes. Still, it makes me fret a little. I have enough tension in my life without Light's Edge becoming uncomfortable.
* * *
This isn't the first time I've written the words, and I doubt it will be the last - I love Hallow's End. This year is more spectacular than even that of two years ago, at least when it comes to show. The Gilnaeans brought with them parts of the holiday's lore that had faded somewhat outside of the sealed kingdom. With Southshore taken by the Horde, the main events have been set up outside Stormwind, with a stage and an immense wickerman to be burned. Traditionally, one is to shed their burdens and sorrows, burning them in the yearly pyre. There is of course also the usual trick-or-treating. I always do enjoy an excuse for a cross-country ride. This year I did my trick-or-treating alone, but I did take part in the Light's Edge costume party, where Glare presented Seanachie with a marriage proposal. She accepted, of course.
The two of them were dressed in Troll tribal garb. Sybill came in a skimpy witch outfit, Vishallah came dressed in a stuffy, concealing gown and claimed to be costumed as her sister, and the other few settled for the simplicity of masked and such. My own costume this year is of a red dragon, using a corsetted chestpiece I found in the auction house, a pair of rather risque leggings Lendys gave to me, and an old helm that had been kept stashed away in my vault for years, originally acquired back in Shadowmoon Valley.

Have a look.

I also made an announcement of my own, after the romantic interlude between Glare and Chie. I am pregnant again. I don't know whether it happened because Len forgot his herbs, or because he's been exposed lately to life-oriented green dragon energy in his efforts to extend his lifespan. I certainly didn't plan it this time. I was not even certain that draenei and humans could interbreed without very specific aid, but here we are. It is certainly not an unwanted surprise.
One thing that has set me at ease lately is how many couples in the guild have found each other. In the past, I was careful not to draw attention to my relationship with Lendys, not out of shame, but simply because I was concerned of irritating people with the sappiness of it. These days the guild stone is frequented with flirtatious chatter between Chie and Glare, Vishalla and Dinoza, Bachlorea and Kasi... even Zineera has someone. It seems love is in the air a few months early. And speaking of the holiday, Len and I are planning to hold a sort of anniversary celebration at Mojo's in February, roughly around the time we met. I cannot lie, the idea came up as a way of teasing Glare since he does not approve of us, but I'm sure it will be a very nice occasion nonetheless.

And then there is Sybill, who's attention focused suddenly and solely onto me as soon as I slipped a vague comment at the costume party about having female lovers. Apparently she's had her eye on me for a while, her interest especially peaked during the Miss Light's Edge pageant. She was certainly subtle about it, no doubt assuming that she was not my type. Honestly I don't know what to do with her. I like her well enough, but not in that way. I've explained to her that the affection I feel towards even people like Shy and Tari differs from that for Len, Elorion and Jakreth. Still, she tells me that she would be satisfied with a casual relationship. I see no good reason to deny her, but I shy away from the potential still. I think I feel as though my devotions would be spread too thin. Len and Shy deserve as much attention as I can give them, as do the kittens and Xaeris. Much as they may appreciate my help, I don't expect the Bronze Flight would allow me to be in two or more places at once.

On the subject of family matters, Xaeris led Lendys, Shyerra and the three little ones on what she called a 'Grand Mammoth Candy Tour'. Thankfully the title referred to their mode of transportation and not the amount of candy they planned to eat. From what I hear, it was all great fun and mischief until the end. I had to 'think like a hunter' and track Xaeris down early this morning to get the full story. She is still brooding over what happened when she took her group up onto Hyjal.
No one was hurt - none of our own, that is. Vahlia, one of Len's young daughters, made her first kill. From the way Len and Xae both describe it, it was an accident on all parts except the little girl. Their presence provoked an attack, and the adults took care of it quickly, but one of the cultist men was not quite dead when Vahlia reached him. She took matters into her own hands to protect her family.
I think Xae is distraught because of just how calm and unconcerned her little sister was over the whole matter. She may be a reckless, thrill-seeking hunter who's had her taste of death and blood, but my daughter was spent her childhood in a time of peace. I think she still does not truly understand what warfare does to the minds of those who grow up surrounded by it.
I wish I could keep the next one away from all this, but I don't have the heart to steal another child from Lendys.
* * *
The guild held a contest; The Miss Light's Edge Pageant. It involved a private interview, a talent show, two clothing competitions, and a special questions section. I participated along with Vishallah, a dwarf named Karaewyn, and two gnome ladies, Sybill and Anetia. It was held in Telaar and judged by Bachlorea, Zineera, and Zin's partner, Ortar. I'd been the first to settle on my outfits, weeks before the contest. I found a maroonish purple two-piece swimsuit and a sky blue evening gown adorned heavily around the collar with gold and ivory beadwork. The interview and questions made me nervous with anticipation, but once I started speaking, it all came naturally enough. The talent show, however, was by far the best part. My poem brought tears to Vishallah's eyes. She told me I ought to win for it alone.
I did not win, but I came in second. Sybill earned the title of Miss Light's Edge, and well deserved it was. She'd worn a tiny and flattering gold bikini, accented her pale pink evening dress with bouquets of daisies, and put on a spectacular show of acrobatics which I sadly didn't see, as we contestants were supposed to wait upstairs for our turns to come.
It's just as well I did not win. One of the prizes was a captured Twilight Drake, and I've no idea what I would have done with him. To tame a wild animal is one thing, but drakes are sapient, and Twilight ones are enemies. I would feel like a slave owner, and I'm sure Ruth would be disgusted with every aspect of the arrangement. She is, as she insists, the only drake I need.
Lendys unfortunately missed the event. He returned just yesterday and informed me that he'd been... elsewhere, on the bidding of the green and bronze flights. I find it interesting how much dealings the guild has had with the Emerald Dream lately. Is it coincidence, or is the realm stirring a bit more than usual?
Well, I shall stick to my time travel if I can help it.

Here are the five contestants.

And here is the poem I wrote for the pageant.
Far From HomeCollapse )
* * *
I've been fighting in Tol Barad, for the reason that I might as well put my axe to use somewhere and it pays good money. A true mercenary standpoint, and nothing I'm proud of. I do not like to fight the Horde, but I am no longer needed as more than an extra on the Molten Front, and Lendys is right - if we do not hold them back, it will be our homes that suffer. At least what I do is better than raiding theirs.
Tol Barad is a pair of islands upon which stands an abandoned prison. Since the Cataclysm, the warring factions have got it into their minds that this prison would serve as a formidable fortress with an advantageous location. They struggle back and forth over it daily, contending not only with each other but with the ghosts that haunt the islands. More often than battling the Horde directly, my tasks include culling these restless spirits and controlling the other aggressive populations in the area. Not all are completely unfriendly, however, and I had a mind to acquire one of the evanescent equine phantoms that still linger in their rundown stables. The human men who guard the Alliance camp will help capture and tame these entities for a price, but when I mentioned my interest to their quartermaster, he informed me that another draenei had visited him and had asked about me. Upon gathering the details of my work their, this mysterious draenei had told the quartermaster to hold off on any rewards he might give or sell to me, for there was a surprise in store. He must have been familiar with my passion for training mounts, said the quartermaster, and left me to wonder what he meant.
Today I awoke two bells before dawn, disturbed by a nightmare of Len's death. Though our bed was pleasantly full of warm bodies, I could find no more comfort their and slipped out to start my day early.
At Tol Barad, the quartermaster was waiting for me, the spectral sapphire silhouette of a horse beside him. I thought it was coincidence at first, the familiarity, but no. When he handed me the strangely solid reins and I looked into the spirit's face, I knew. This was Argo.
I can only assume that the mysterious draenei who delivered him was my teacher, Baatun, with whom I'd left my retired warhorse some years ago. I'd not known that Argo had passed away, but he was old and battle-worn. Any number of causes could have proven fatal. What mattered was that he had stayed. My faithful charger, the first beast to carry me over the roads of Azeroth, had remained even after death and been delivered back to me. It is a strange mix of feelings to gaze into this spirit's eyes. I am sad for is passing and nostalgic, but at once heartened by his presence. Even then, I am mildly disturbed. I can't help but wonder what he is giving up in order to stay with me. I shall try to honor this loyal creature's choice.

Argo's Remnant
* * *
The worgen Shyerra and her adopted sister Khelia - a draenei - are becoming part of the Pride. While sudden, it seems a good decision. They are both open and eager for the fellowship, certainly.
Lendys and I spent one night visiting with them on the shore of Dragonblight. When they retired, we remained. All night we stayed, and into the morning, simply sitting together beneath the stars and the billowing curtains of light. The conversation, while tainted by the haze of weariness, was a source of warmth in the biting chill of Northrend.
The next evening brought several unexpected meetings. We had both luckily managed to sleep some by then. Originally I was planning to ask Visharah to meet me for tea. In case I've not written of them before, Arah is the sister of guild member Vishallah. While Vish is quite friendly and pleasant to chat with, Arah tends to clash with most of the guild. Len's analysis of her is that she has not been able to cope with living on Azeroth after the crash of the Exodar. She clings to a lost way of life and balks at the cultural difference. That is, at least, his theory. In demeanor, she considers herself to be above others and disapproves of her sister's more adaptive behavior. I've never heard Vish speak of Arah without complaining.
Interestingly enough, but perhaps not surprising, Lendys once became very attached to the two of them. While he was never lovers with Vish, and Arah would never have condoned it, he still cares deeply for them and has goodwill even for Arah.
This is, of course, where I come in. Being of Arah's own people, having gone through the same transitions, basic psychology suggests that she is more likely to open up to me than to many others who might wish to help her. I also do not have any history of argument or insult with her. I have always tried to be polite. In truth I've always had some interest in her relationship with the guild, but felt it was never my place to say anything. Now Lendys has asked me to help her, if I can, and I am only eager to try.
So as I was saying, the plan was to invite her over for tea. However, she put down her speaking stones before I could finish my request. Instead, oddly enough, Valderone accepted it.
And now I must introduce another member of Light's Edge...

Valderone is my daughter's current suitor. I fear it may be a rebound after the loss of Caelan - whom I never knew - and then her beloved pet lion, Umbra. That is, however, beside the point. Valderone is a human hunter, too young, I think, to have fully made up his own mind about certain layered subjects. Lendys, balancing on the edge of trouble as usual, had something of a fierce argument with the boy. Val took offense at Len's dislike of King Varian, and could not seem to grasp that Lendys had no loyalty or patriotism toward Varian. And while I do not wish to take sides in this matter, it seems a simple enough concept. Varian Wrynn is not king of all humans, and Lendys makes it very clear to anyone who listens that he is as good as kaldorei in all but appearance.
On the other side of things, Val did have some incentive to be angry towards Len, as he'd been tricked to spend money on gifts for Xaeris which she did not actually want. Specifically, Len convinced him to buy her a dress, and while my trickster lion did recommend not spending too much money, Valderone chose to be grandiose and present Xaeris with a dress worth 400 gold. He was understandably upset when she told him she didn't wear dresses, but there was some confusion also on the subject of reimbursement. I know she offered the dress back, and when he refused, the two of them agreed to give it to me, since I do have an affinity for long gowns. Even so, I offered it back to him one more time, just in case he changed his mind, but he again declined. Instead, he wanted Lendys to give him the money, since Lendys was responsible for its loss. I can only conclude that it is not the money he's interested in so much as Lendys paying for his trickery.
At last I spoke with Val about it, he claimed that he would be satisfied with only an apology, however, so we shall see how that business concludes.

Back to the story about tea - with my invitation to Visharah accepted by Valderone instead, I hardly thought it polite to deny him. Poor Lendys just gave me a look and asked, "you're going to make me do this, aren't you?"
He behaved himself very well, however, and once the children were put to bed, even Tariluna joined us. We were still just settling down with our tea, myself keeping Valderone placid with small-talk about his training in the Outlands, when Hallyiel, Dinoza, and Garven appeared on our porch. I imagine they'd been in the area, noticed what company we had, and decided to make sure there was no further conflict between the proud human males. Sadly there was not enough tea made for all of them, and it was a rather short get-together as Valderone suddenly announced that he had to leave, and made a run for the exit. I had to assure Hally that she hadn't disrupted anything important, it was only a spur-of-the-moment visit. She and Dinoza said their goodbyes (Garven was waiting outside because he had refused to relinquish his weapons), and the married couple and I were left to enjoy our tea and each others' company.

Soon enough, Shyerra and Khelia picked up their chatstones, and after we'd put Tari to bed, Lendys and I led them on a tour of the Caverns of Time. That is to say, Lendys led them. Much as I have traveled in time, I've only had opportunity to explore the main cavern. My journeys have never taken me through those particular portals...
So I was not actually expecting to come out the other end as a human when Lendys led us into the Hillsbrad of twenty-odd years ago.
It's true of course that I have used disguise spells before to hide my species. I did so while visiting to Azshara before its fall. However, most spells of that sort are little more than glamour, changing only the outermost appearances. Within them, I still feel like myself, for the most part.
Not so in the Caverns of Time. As unstable as the time streams are, he Bronze Flight has taken measures to be very thorough there. This spell changed me as completely as Elune's curse changes Shyerra. While being two heads shorter, with no horns or tail to speak of, the most difficult part of that transition is the feet. First of all, the appendage you walk on should not be so tender! How do the flesh-footed races manage to get around without shoes? Having five toes is simply extraneous. As I explained to them vehemently, it felt like my feet were fraying apart!
On the other, fur rugs feel very pleasant on the soles of human feet, and while the dampness of grass takes some getting used to, it is not so bad either.
But then there is the whole balance issue of being plantigrade. I wonder if I could ever get used to walking on my heels.

By the way, if you are not one to study the sciences, plantigrade is a term referring to the structure of the leg, with the alternative being digitigrade. Draenei are, of course, digitigrade, as are the majority of limbed creatures. The word literally means to walk on the toes, or the hooves, which are the equivalent structure to toenails and claws seen on other beings. In plantigrade animals, however, the lowest length of the leg forms instead the long foot, with what would be the fetlock joint becoming the heel. The ankle, which seems by placement as if it ought to be the fetlock, is actually equivalent to the hock, which in hooved animals is the forward-bending joint near the middle of the leg. In short, all of the joints below the knee are spaced downward considerably, and the simple change in feel can be very confusing.

It is fortunate that I relish new experiences, for despite all this, I did come to enjoy my human form after a while. I do wonder how the spell determines coloration, for though my skin is very dark by draenei standards, I came out fair-skinned in human form. The green eyes, I suppose, were less surprising, since all draenei have similarly white eyes so there is nothing to contradict any of the vivid color varieties found in humans. My hair was the real mystery, though. Normally it is silver-white and falls in loose curls, but it was straight in the human body and, of all things, flame red. I find it bewilderingly funny, given the stereotypes associated with orange-haired humans.

But look at me, going on and on about my appearance! You'd think I was vain, (and Lendys won't tell you any differently).
It was a lovely little adventure all around, and very productive bonding time for us and Shyerra. Khelia didn't stay long, but Len has promised to take her back sometime, as he has promised me. There are a few things I'd like to try while human, and I'll leave it at that.

Being Human
At the end of the world, hold my hand...
* * *
* * *